World of Pera Tile


Welcome to world of Pera Tile…

Think innovative products, a relentless
commitment to quality and a broad range of
exquisite surface coverings at affordable prices

At Pera Tile, we believe in spaces with a soul and a story. That is why we have strived to develop an authentic portfolio of products that empowers designers and consumers to express their unique sense of style, while at the same time offering access to the most sought-after stone products at affordable prices.

Pera Tile is a dynamic brand offering a rich and innovative line of surface-covering products and related decors in natural stone, metal and other related materials. Our team of designers constantly travels the world in search of new materials and designs. As such, we get the inspiration for our products from all over the world and different schools of design, ranging from classical to ultra-modern. With a respect for traditional design elements, timeless motifs of antiquity, as well as emerging architectural trends, we continuously explore yet-to-be-discovered materials, forms and finishes and blend them in creative ways utilizing our unique Pera Tile philosophy.

With over 600 SKUs in our line, we currently offer our products to the market only through select dealers in the US and Canada, as well as Europe and the Rest of the World. From discovery to manufacturing, to quality control and customer service, Pera Tile is actively involved in every aspect of bringing these products to the market. With our expertise in surface-covering materials, our global network of suppliers and trained in-house team of inspectors, we are uniquely positioned to supply to a variety of residential and commercial projects from our stock or based on unique project specifications.

Whether you are a designer, architect, trader or decorator of your own home, we are confident that you will find a Pera Tile product that will tell your story.