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4 Types of Natural Stone

Today we want to share the 4 types of natural stone you can choose when looking for tiles. Throughout human history, stone has maintained a reputation of both durability and elegance. Some structures which have come to be known by many people as icons of human achievement were made with stone, proving that marble is […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tile Floors

We want to share 5 reasons you should choose tile floors for your home. Tile is an excellent choice for your home because it’s durable and maintenance is simple. Plus there are so many colors, styles, shapes, and finishes that customizing is limitless. 5 Reasons To Choose Tile Floors 1. High Durability Ceramic and stone […]

4 Reasons To Love Porcelain Tile

Top 4 reasons to love porcelain tile. First, let’s talk about what porcelain tile is. Porcelain tile is similar to ceramic tiles, but it’s not just glorified ceramic. Both materials start out as clay, and are molded into a variety of shapes and thicknesses, glazed, and then fired in a kiln. The clay used for […]

How To Choose The Right Paver Color For Your Home

We suggest selecting colors that “work with” your home, pavers that are a few shades lighter than your home won’t compete with it, allowing your home to serve as a focal point without confusing the eye. It’s easy for homeowners to default to natural tone pavers because they blend well with surroundings. There are so […]

5 Reasons To Choose Porcelain Pavers For Your Outdoor Needs

Pavers are a great choice to boost the look of your outdoor space, pools, patios, driveways. As they’re baked in fiery hot kilns, porcelain tiles won’t crack in weather extremes like stone tiles can. That makes them a smart choice for homes in cities with very hot summers and icy winters. Outdoor porcelain pavers will […]

How To Choose Shower Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel

Our advice on how to choose shower tile. Your shower is the main attraction in your bathroom. It’s the focal point of the room, so choosing the right tiles and design can be an overwhelming process for many homeowners. And deciding on the best tile for your shower is one of the biggest decisions to […]

5 Things To Think About When Choosing Outdoor Tile

5 things to think about when you are choosing outdoor tile. More and more homeowners are choosing to revitalise their boring backyards into stylish spaces, where they can entertain friends, or just enjoy some down time. A simple way of achieving this revival is through the use of outdoor tiles.  Natural stones are the favorite […]

Advantages Of Using Porcelain Tiles

Top advantages to using porcelain tiles. If you’re interested in renovating with tile, porcelain tile is definitely worth considering. Able to endure heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial locations, all while keeping their appearance, they are regarded as an ideal choice for flooring applications. 5 Reasons Porcelain Tiles Are A Smart Choice The […]

Advantages Of Using Natural Stone Tiles

4 Advantages to using Natural Stone Tiles. People have been using natural stone to make spaces beautiful for thousands of years, and it’s no different today. While the variations of natural stone available may be shocking, there’s no doubt that this unique material possess several distinct benefits that your clients will love. Advantages To Natural […]

7 Types Of Tile You Can Choose From

When looking for new tiles, there are 7 top types of tile you can choose from. If you’re installing new tile, you need to know what kind of tile you have. There are different types of tiles that are available to install. So we have broke up our list into the top 7 tiles you […]