Advantages Of Using Porcelain Tiles

Top advantages to using porcelain tiles.

If you’re interested in renovating with tile, porcelain tile is definitely worth considering. Able to endure heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial locations, all while keeping their appearance, they are regarded as an ideal choice for flooring applications.

5 Reasons Porcelain Tiles Are A Smart Choice

The Color Range Of Porcelain Is Easily Controlled

Since porcelain is man-made, its color can be adjusted easily and completely. This is ideal for designers who want a very specific hue for use in interior decoration. Because porcelain’s manufacturing process offers an unlimited potential for design, it’s become a very popular material in the residential home design market.

Porcelain Is Moisture-Resistant

Porcelain is a moisture-resistant material, which makes it a popular tile choice for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and commercial or domestic kitchens.

Porcelain Is Frost-Resistant

Frost can be damaging to tile, and many residential and commercial clients want to limit the damage cold conditions have on their tile. Luckily, true porcelain is frost-resistant and will stand up to chilly temperatures in your client’s space without damage.

Porcelain Is Chemical-Resistant

Built to be durable and tougher than many other types of tile, porcelain resists the damaging and stripping effects of chemicals, which makes it a wise choice for kitchen and bathroom floors and countertops, where chemical cleaners are often used.

Porcelain Resists Scratches, Stains, Etching

In areas of high use, porcelain will stay beautiful and new-looking. Because the material resists all manner of stains, etching, and scratches, it stands up to even the hardest wear and tear.

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