5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tile Floors

Choose Tile Floors
We want to share 5 reasons you should choose tile floors for your home.

Tile is an excellent choice for your home because it’s durable and maintenance is simple. Plus there are so many colors, styles, shapes, and finishes that customizing is limitless.

5 Reasons To Choose Tile Floors

1. High Durability

Ceramic and stone tile flooring is durable and stands up to regular wear and tear without showing signs of aging. By comparison, carpet, laminate and even wood will show their age over time.

That is not the case with tile, in the event a tile does break, that individual tile can be removed and replaced, making the entire floor look like new.

When other types of flooring wear out, the entire surface needs to be replaced.

2. Low Maintenance

From porches to bathrooms, tile flooring works in any room. Tile is common in areas that are prone to messes – like entryways – where people may have wet or muddy shoes or kitchens where spills may occur. Floor tile is often used in bathrooms because steam or water that sloshes over the edge of a tub will not damage it.

Tiles are used in these areas partly because it is durable, but also because it is easy to clean.

3. Numerous Textures & Looks

With so many styles and colors you are sure to find the perfect tile for your project. There are even tiles that look like very realistic wood. This is a great way to get the look of wood, but with the function and ease of maintenance that comes with tile.

The tiles can be installed right up against one another with no grout lines, to mimic the look of real wood flooring.

4. Limitless Design Possibilities

Another great reason to choose tile floors, is that tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Combine that with different patterns, and tiles can be laid out in a completely custom and unique look.

You can achieve a sleek monochrome look by using tiles in the same color, or use different sizes and lay them out in an alternating pattern. Alternatively, choose tiles in complementing colors to create slight detail, or add some old world charm and create an intricate repeating pattern using brightly colored tiles.

Whatever look you want to achieve can be accomplished using tile flooring.

5. Works Well With Other Materials

Stone and ceramic tile flooring can be mixed with other flooring materials in open concept floor plans – as one space transforms into another and the flooring changes consider alternating the materials.

This will create a very modern look that is edgy, visually appealing, and stunning.

Something To Remember

Floor tile is a great choice for your home because it offers the most durable option while still providing a huge array of styles and patterns that match all decors. The benefits of tile flooring make it a great addition to any room and is a perfect fit around your house.

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