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Bianco Carrara

Bianco Marea

Calacatta Gold

Echelon Honed

Greyon Honed

Grigio Elegante


Hun Silver Vena

Merceene Vena

Noir Noble

Orient Grey




Mother of Pearl

Greyon Sandblasted

Bianco Dolomiti

Merceene Crosscut

Niobe Grey

Saint Germain Gray


Arcadian Vena

Castanea Leathered

Castanea Polished

Ivory Legend Vena

Lymra Honed

Meditera Vena


Noce Sephia





Saramago Brushed

Memory Opal

Memory Sandy

Upstone Jura Beige




Cascata Romano

Silver Truffle Vena


Stella Honed

Stella Leathered

Stella Polished

Contemporary Coconut Milk

Contemporary Aqua Sea

Contemporary Blue Stone

Contemporary Forest

Contemporary Mineral Grey

Contemporary Rose Quartz

Contemporary Obsidian

Borriana White

Borriana Light Blue

Borriana Navy

Borriana Mint

Borriana Green

Saint Germain Marine

Saint Germain Olive

Saint Germain Turquoise

Saint Germain Black

Saint Germain White

Conceta Antracite

Conceta Bianco

Conceta Grigio

Eastside Ash

Eastside Clay

Eastside Rust

Eastside Salt

Heritage Brown

Heritage Grey

Heritage Taupe

Heritage White

Urbana Antracite

Urbana Beige

Urbana Greige

Urbana Grigio

VintageWood Black

VintageWood Pearl

VintageWood White

Colville Taupe

Colville Grey

Colville Light Chestnut

Colville Smoke

Dolomite Porcelain

Brixen Stone Ivory

Brixen Stone Sand

Brixen Stone Grey

Elite Calacatta

Elite Onice Royal

Gemstone Silver

Gemstone Taupe

Gemstone White

Marbleous White

Shape Grey

Shape White

Silky Stone Greige Rigato

Silky Stone Light Rigato

Silky Stone Greige Natural

Silky Stone Light Natural

Upstone Duke Bianco

Upstone London Grigio

Upstone Mustang Nero

Natural Stone is a product of nature; and variations in color, texture and vein pattern should be expected. Stone colors and resulting patterns on this page are for illustrative purposes only. Pera Tile cannot guarantee that the actual product will look exactly like what you see on your screen.

Customization Studio mobile support not available.

Customization Studio mobile support not available.